Kyle is currently a fourth year student at Ryerson’s school of Interior Design. His fabrication background comes from the extra projects he took on throughout his time at Ryerson. He and his team has had the opportunity to travel to Bergen, Norway to participate in the Bergen international wood festival. Most recently, his team competed in the Kentwood design challenge and won joint second place, people’s choice award, and builder’s choice award with a cash prize of $3000. The design installation was featured at the interior design show in 2017.

From start to finish, the process of how a project comes together has always fascinated me.

His portfolio includes a variety of works from personal projects to large scale group projects. With a background in interior design, he leverages this knowledge and applies it to different aspects of his design projects. Throughout his projects he has worked on in his university career, he has picked up an adept skill to problem solve under tight deadlines.

It’s not always about what you end up with, it’s also about how you get there.

In school Kyle likes to share his perspective with other creators to meet new people and learn from others. Kyle has played an active role in his school’s community by taking on a leadership role in the course union as the director of operations. Throughout his second and third year, he worked on a weekly video log showing his thought process to reach out to his peers and potential incoming students. Kyle will always take the time of day help out where he can. He hopes to play a larger role in the design fabrication community in the years to come.